Durham University

The Durham HepData Project

This site will soon be superseded by the new hepdata.net site, which will be opened for data submissions in the near future.
In the meantime, please continue Submitting Data on this site, then data records will be automatically migrated to the new site.
HepData search

To search the database:
Enter your query command comprising keyword-value pairs joined with Boolean ANDs. A null entry will retrieve all records. Use % as the right or left truncation character to search for values beginning or ending with the value. All searches are case-insensitive. More details are in the Search Help.

The basic HepData keywords are:
reac - the reaction (e.g. p p --> charged x), also beam, targ, and fsp.
obs - the observable (e.g. SIG, DSIG/DX, DN/DPT).
sqrts - the centre-of-mass energy in GeV.
exp - the experiment/laboratory name (e.g. ZEUS, CERN, LHC).
date - the year of the publication/preprint.
auth - the first author name on the paper.
ref - the publication/preprint reference.

Searching via 'Inspire':
title: word (matches Inspire records having 'word' in the paper title).
keyword: word (matches Inspire records having 'word' in the Inspire keywords).
author: name (matches Inspire records having 'name' in the author list).

STFCIPPP HepData is funded by the UK STFC and hosted at the Durham IPPP.
HepData also maintains the UK mirror of the PDG.