To search the database:
Enter your query command comprising keyword-value pairs joined with Boolean ANDs. A null entry will retrieve all records. Use % as the right or left truncation character to search for values beginning or ending with the value. All searches are case-insensitive. More details are in the Search Help.

The basic HepData keywords are:
reac - the reaction (e.g. p p --> charged x), also beam, targ, and fsp.
obs - the observable (e.g. SIG, DSIG/DX, DN/DPT).
sqrts - the centre-of-mass energy in GeV.
exp - the experiment/laboratory name (e.g. ZEUS, CERN, LHC).
date - the year of the publication/preprint.
auth - the first author name on the paper.
ref - the publication/preprint reference.

Searching via 'Inspire':
title: word (matches Inspire records having 'word' in the paper title).
keyword: word (matches Inspire records having 'word' in the Inspire keywords).
author: name (matches Inspire records having 'name' in the author list).